Saalt offers menstrual cups in two sizes (regular and small). The small and regular sizes are available in two firmness levels (the original firmness Saalt Cup and the softer Saalt Soft). Many people can wear either size or firmness comfortably, but one may be more comfortable. For easy guidance on which cup might be best for you, take our new Saalt Cup Quiz. Otherwise, read on for more detailed information on how to determine the right cup for you.

Size Regular or Small?

Normal to heavy flow (3–4 tampons)
High cervix *see how-to here
Light to normal flow (2–3 tampons)
First-time user
Low cervix *see how-to here

While flow and cervix height are important indicators, also consider:

  • Vaginal insertion: If you haven’t comfortably inserted anything in your vagina before, we recommend the size small.
  • Childbirth: If you’ve carried a pregnancy to term, you may prefer the size regular.

Saalt Cup or Saalt Soft?

Saalt Cup

First-time menstrual cup user
Physically active
Strong pelvic floor

Saalt Soft

Experienced menstrual cup user
Experienced any of the following with a firmer cup:
—   Bladder pressure
—   Difficulty peeing with your menstrual cup in
—   Difficulty pooping with your menstrual cup in
—   Vaginal sensitivity
—   Increased Cramping
Learn more about our Saalt Soft cup

We'd love to help you.

More sizing questions? Reach out to us at [email protected], or visit our Saalt Cup Academy on Facebook to get tips from Saalt users in real time.

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