Let's talk menstrual cups

It’s a reusable soft silicone cup worn internally like a tampon that collects, rather than absorbs, your period.

Menstrual Cup 101

We get a lot of questions about menstrual cups. Here are the ones we hear most.


How do menstrual cups work?

A Saalt Cup is inserted like a tampon, but collects rather than absorbs your flow. It sits in the vaginal canal, and when inserted properly, you won't even notice it's there.


Are menstrual cups messy?

Trust us, you can change your cup without making a mess! You just need to know how to remove it properly. With a little practice you’ll have it down in no time. (Or should we say up?!)

Why you'll love Saalt Cups

3-4x the capacity of regular tampons

Not all menstrual cups are created equal


Are menstrual cups messy?

I have used these for 2 months now and I'm surprisingly obsessed. I thought they might be too uncomfortable/messy, but they are neither. If you are nervous, just read the whole directions packet like I did and you will be fine!

Molly W.

Love it or your money back.

We're here to get you to period bliss. If you're not happy with your Saalt products, we'll send you a replacement you'll love or your money back.

Period bliss guarantee

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