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This is pure genius.

"I used my saalt cup last week for the very first time and LOVED IT!! I will never go back to tampons again! The small cup was absolutely perfect for me. I was able to figure the cup out easily the very first time I used it. I even put my saalt cup through the ultimate test and ran a 22-mile training run on day 3 of my period, and the cup performed beautifully! I fully expected leakage, but nope! Absolutely none after 3+ hours of running 🙌🏻👏🏻👍🏻. I am forever converted. I have been searching for alternatives. This is pure genius."

—Emory C.

I'm obsessed with my Saalt Cup.

"Just wanted to let y'all know I'm OBSESSED with my Saalt Cup, and that's never something I thought I'd say about a period product. It's honestly been life changing for me and I recommend it to all my friends!!! Thank you for making my favorite product!"

—Annie I.
Demi, the founder of Bright Girl Health, holding Saalt Cups.

“I love traveling with my cup. It makes having a period on holiday soooo much easier. I can wear it all day without having to change it.”

@beccamitchell holding Saalt Cups at Target.

“As for my Saalt Cup, I don't know how I went so long without it.”

Saalt Cup and bike equipment.

“There are many period cups but the reason I chose Saalt was because of the incredible work they do in developing nations educating young girls and women.”

@caramcdo sitting on her bed while holding two Saalt menstrual cups.

“I’m donating my tampons, liners, and pads to a local women’s shelter. I’m extremely pleased and also a little frustrated with myself for not trying these products sooner”

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"I was psyched at how I completely forgot about the cup during my workout because I didn't feel it and it didn't leak."


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" ...a simpler, healthier, and more sustainable period experience."


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"The hope is that it will encourage onlookers to evaluate how small changes in their life can make a big impact on the earth."


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"An eco-argument for menstrual cups: Most feminine hygiene products aren't biodegradable (think plastic applicators) or take decades to break down."


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"I don’t even give my period a second-thought. It’s also helped me get more comfortable with my body and being more open about periods."


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"I’ve tried out a few different brands, with my hands-down favorite being Saalt Menstrual Cups. The comfortable menstrual cup I swear by"


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"Firm enough to always pop open, but doesn’t put any pressure on my bladder."


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"We believe the B-Corp standard is decisively the way of the future. Its focus on conscious capitalism in every aspect of business gives us hope. We hope new entrepreneurs will choose better health for their customers and our planet."


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"Core values should be passionately debated and earned and, then, relentlessly defended and upheld."


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"Amazon users gave it a 5-star rating and love the soft texture."


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"If you want to clean up your personal care routine, consider trading in tampons for a reusable menstrual cup, like this one from Saalt."


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"Saalt is my 'Goldilocks' cup."


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"If you've avoided using a cup because of bladder sensitivities, cramps, or pressure, this new, softer option might help you expand your menstrual horizons."


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